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Export (latin: ex – 'outside' + portare – 'carry') – these are goods which were manufactured in one country and thereafter sold abroad. For the countries being members of the European Union, including Poland, export applies to the sale of products and services outside the EU. The sale of goods among the membership countries is so called 'intercommunity trading', not an export.

Export states also one of the form of foreign trade. Foreign trade in wide meaning includes current turn over and property – credit turn over, which besides the payable goods exchange consist of the purchase and sales abroad of intangible goods, services and other liabilities. The economic sense of foreign trade consists in completing the lacking goods and using differences in costs of production of specific domestic and foreign goods. The main outlet for Polish international market, that is export (about 69% of export in general) and at the same time main delivery market for Polish economy (about 62% of import in general), especially in the range of capital and delivery goods state European Union countries.

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